Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grooming Your Teen for Independence

The teenage years can feel like a roller coast ride for both parents and
their children. As your teen pursues independence, it’s natural for you to
want to keep him close. Or maybe you worry that she’ll leave the nest
before she’s prepared to fly.

To insure that both you and your teen are confident during this period of
transition, take time now to teach your teen skills that will help him
make good choices, take care of himself, and feel confident when he
enters adulthood.

Independent life skills will be important whether your teen goes off to
college, enters the military, or decides to work full time. Once she leaves
high school she’ll make her own decisions, often with little or no time to
seek your advice.

Now is the time to teach your teen how to…

• Manage time wisely

• Manage and save

• Balance a

• Wash laundry

• Honor commitments
and keep promises

• Weigh pros and cons
before making

• Make excellence a habit
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