Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Most of my time on the computer today has been spent gathering more information on how things work throughout the counties. Reluctantly, I haven't made it out of Hanover yet. I spent a fair amount of time talking with Lynn Saunders who heads up MCEF(Mechanicsville Churches Emergency Function). Their program is multifaceted and does a lot of good work. One big question I had was how were people getting the information that this was available. Sometimes people will call a church needing help and will be referred to them, through congregations of the churches themselves and also they get a large amount of referrals through the Social Services. Their web site is :

It seems that nothing is set up for pets. Occassionally people will just bring in pet food and when someone says that they need it, it's then given away. I have been given other web sites but before I post them I would like to sort through them to make sure they may help.

My intention is to continue exploring the different venues in all surrounding counties to gather information and post on here. The more information we have the more ideas will come of the best way to go with whatever we choose to do.

Important Information: Some people have been holding parties and just asking their guests to bring an item. Which could be anything from toy, article of clothing, canned goods, pet food etc. Parties don't have to be just for the Holidays and the items can be anything you want people to bring. Don't forget SuperBowl Parties. Basically anything anytime of year. The crowd doesn't have to be large. Any amount helps.

**Lynn Saunders (MCEF) told me to be sure to let people know that she has a huge amount of coats if anyone knows where there is a need. Also there is likely to be a large surplus of toys but she won't receive them until tomorrow.

** Am posting another reciept from the very first batch of food bought.

PEOPLE GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS/IDEAS....nothing is ever insignificant!!


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