Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some Thoughts to Begin With

I believe that there is a new society of people/families who have been effected by the economy. These people aren't homeless/yet but seriously need help with food, clothing, and pet care/food and there are so many other things such as basic utilities and cleaning supplies, etc.I think there is a brand new "middle class" of people all around us who are defining a brand new version of being poor. It may or may not have touched you yet but in this economy I believe that it's seriously lurking to touch all of us at some degree. The stresses are horrendous. Domestic Violence is way up. I think that on the outside looking in people look normal but the choices and decisions that are becoming part of everyday life are worst than any have had to make before.

That being said, I think a lot of us have also had to cut back on many of the things that we've come to take for granted that before was just there. My personal thoughts on this are that if I have learned to live comfortably without even one small thing or even several things. Why not take that and pass it along to helping others in our own and surrounding communities. I don't think anyone in today's middle class world is so secure that they honestly believe it can't happen to them anymore. It takes such a small amount from each person to add up to a lot to really make a difference in many peoples lives. I believe this should also be an ongoing thing, not just during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Holidays. We really have nothing to loose but as mankind loving mankind there is everything to be gained over time. Who knows? If only a few have been helped was it not worth it. Then what have we honestly lost?

So far we have made two fairly large contributions, and have basically been able to do this anonymously. Both contributions thus far have been delivered to Atlee Community Church and little elves have not disclosed where the food came from but heard people saying how much food it was and how much it was really needed. YAY!!I would love any input anyone could offer on ways to do this on an ongoing basis.

As there are so many areas in need. It's something that continues to tug at me. The middle class is the largest sector of the population. Think of all the various professions and abilities that lie within us. Not just the middle class but any human being could volunteer a small amount of time from any profession or ability that we have and when you add them all up doing just a small amount of time. Its huge how much can be done. Any reduced prices that come from any producer of goods, medicines or anything that people and even for the family pets has the potential to do a great amount of good.

This is just a beginning and an opening topic to see where we can go. Also, what I am trying to figure out are ways that we can all do this and know that it’s all honest and every bit of everything is going to the people that need the food and many other things.With all that, then let’s get going… It was published on Face Book the other day that if the number of people on FB were a country, we would be the fourth largest in the world. Oh, one last thing you may find interesting, look up the definition of the word “PEOPLE” and then look up the Thesaurus. You may be as surprised as I was.

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